A Small Town Country Girl Takes a Euro Trip! Many, Euro Trips.

Hello there! My name is Heidi Tuley and this blog is called “An Air Force Chick’s European Escapades.” Why, you ask? I was an active duty Air Force Airman for seven years and while in the service I had many opportunities to travel the world. My career kicked off in Texas and then I headed to Utah for a few years. Eventually, I made my way to South Korea and then on to Germany. I was stationed in Germany for two years and took advantage of the easy traveling in Europe as much as the job would let me.

I was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base, located near Luxembourg, in the rolling quiet country hills of Germany.

I’ve decided to blog about my experiences in Europe, because there are so many! It is possible that I will branch out and write about my entire Air Force career in the future.

Air Force

I was raised in a small town called Philadelphia in northeast Missouri. I went to a school that consisted of kindergarten through twelfth grade; with a graduating class of a grand total of 19 people. The place is tiny! It’s a large farming community; therefore, the school mainly consisted of tiny towns and family farm children all across the area.

HS Graduation

Put yourself in my shoes! A small town gal venturing all over Europe?! It was intimidating at first, but eventually I grew to love it and embraced the culture where ever I went.

I moved back to the United States a little over a year ago, and experienced a bit of a reverse culture shock. Wal-Mart…Oh my! I almost thought about sitting down indian style in the middle of an isle and just start crying…uncontrollably. As Americans we have so much stuff! And, the connivence of acquiring items is so much easier and faster. In Germany there was no such thing as Wal-Marts. In fact, the small village I lived in didn’t even have a grocery store. Your options were to visit the Bäckerei (bakery), the meat market or the small convenient store. Otherwise, you would need to travel 10-15 kilometers out of town for better conveniences.

Old German House

After spending a year back in the United States, I separated from the Air Force and became a full-time college student for the first time in my life! My major is Digital Media Production with a minor in Photography. I am very excited to see what’s in store for my future here at the University of Central Missouri and my future thereafter. 

In this blog I will be writing about many adventures I experienced in the two years I was in Europe. I will be sharing with you many experiences I had the opportunity of enjoying. I will tell you about my tiny apartment in a small old Roman village, my trip to Amsterdam with my Mom and our experience with a live sex show, a huge German rock-in-roll festival, castles, the London Olympics and more! I am very excited to be sharing all of these unique adventures with you. There will be a new blog post every week, so keep an eye out for new exciting escapades!


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