Garmisch in Bavaria, Germany


It was Labor Day weekend of 2012, and some friends and I wanted to take advantage of the long weekend and go on a trip. We decided to take a trip to Garmisch in Bavaria, Germany. We all hopped in the car very early in the morning to make the five-hour drive out east. Along the way, we picked up my friend Timperince (from the Paris adventure) to join us.

We decided to stay in a hostel because they are nice a cheap! Ha. And, fun. The first day we did some exploring in the local area. We walked to an old Olympic stadium that opened in 1921 and was used for the 1936 Olympics. It was a very neat place.

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From there we asked some local residents where we could go explore. They told us about a large gorge that was only a little ways away. We jumped into a horse and buggy that took us up to the top. It was a nice little ride and a great opportunity to look at the beautiful scenery surrounding us.


Once we got to the gorge we had to walk a little ways to get to the actual site. Along the pathway we found a little hut that sold ice cream, beer and coffee. We decided to stop for a beverage and relax before heading on our way.

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The gorge was beautiful. And, it took forever to walk all the way to the top and back down to the bottom of it. It is so crazy how breathtaking nature really is. Words cannot express how beautiful it was and maybe the pictures don’t either, but I’ve provided some for your viewing.

548159_4503580509923_136881195_n 558585_4503579389895_922645446_n

In the evening we traveled into the downtown area of Garmisch and ate at a traditional German restaurant. The food was amazing! They also had live German music and slap dancing. Slap dancing is where boys or men or both dress in their lederhosen and do a traditional German dance. Click here to see an example of the dance on YouTube.

255417_4503582389970_1033706777_n German Rest

The next day we went white water rafting in Austria! Now, that was way fun. It was a bit of a bus drive, but the tour guide was wonderful and we had a blast. Our tour guide even pointed out the actual Paramount Picture Mountain during our adventure. I don’t know the actual name of the mountain, but it was pretty cool to see it in person. At the end of the tour we were served German Schnapps! Mmmm…

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The following day we packed our bags and headed to Hohenschwangau, Germany to see the Neuschwanstein Castle. Construction on the castle started on September 5, 1869 and was “completed” in 1862. The castle is actually unfinished due to King Ludwig II’s death. Furthermore, (and I personally think the coolest part) this castle was Walt Disney’s Inspiration for building the Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. If you’re ever in Germany go see this castle!

564737_4503585470047_619198746_n 395224_4503590630176_313174864_n

Labor Day weekend of 2012 was a great success. It was a very long weekend, but a great time well spent with friends.


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