Festival Season

When summer time arrives in Germany, so has festival season! Many festivals are held all over Germany and many are held in the local area of Dudeldorf, where I lived. In this blog post I will discuss a couple of the festivals I attended.

Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival is held in Manderscheid. Manderscheid lies deep in the rolling hills of the Eifel are in Germany. There are two castles located there; Oberburg and Niederburg, which—if I remember correctly—were castles of two brothers. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty positive that’s the case.

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Because the festival was located in such a hilly place next to a river, parking was limited. We had to park our vehicle at the top of a long steep hill in a pasture. Buses were provided to take people from the pasture down to the festival.

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The festival sold all sorts of food and trinkets. Turkey legs and nuts and spices were some of the food sold. Along with beer and wine, of course. They also sold all sorts of armor, woven baskets and other random knickknacks.

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The festival held medieval events such as jousting. That was way cool to see. And, at the end of the night they had a really cool firework display. It rained the year I went so it was a muddy mess, but it was such a unique experience.

Wine Fest

Another festival held in the area was Wine Fest. Wine fest was in Bernkastel, located on the Mosel River. This place was absolutely gorgeous. Natives would bring their wines from all over for people to taste, drink and/or purchase. They even crown a Wine Queen every year.


There’s a fascinating firework display on Saturday of the festival. Fireworks are shot from the castle up on the hill and then from a boat on the Mosel. It’s supposed to be as if they’re in a battle and compete with fireworks. It was quite the spectacle! But, once the “battle” was complete there was so much smoke. It settled after a few moments. Of course, the wine was fabulous. All sorts of different kinds were available: red, white, dry or sweet. I couldn’t get over how many people attended. There were so many people it was almost uncomfortable. It took forever to make your way around the street and losing people in your group was a very easy thing to do.

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Along the streets they sold all sort of food, as they do at most festivals: schwanks (a pork sandwich), bratwurst, and much more.  Live music, dancing and even carnival rides were provided for everyone to enjoy. The festival was a great place for people of all ages. It is held towards the end of September so if you’re ever in the area, check it out! You won’t be disappointed.


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